Cat on final approach for landing




Always be prepared to abort…


Cat chaff


I am glad other people film their cats so that I don’t ever feel compelled to own one of them.


That made me laugh… Thanks. I needed that. My cat just died today, so I’m pretty sad right now. Seeing silly cat gifs helps. Here is another funny cat fail (and a cat that sort of looks like mine did)…



Pull up! Pull up! For god’s sake pull up!



That’s amazing…

And I just found out that I won an award at a conference I’m presenting at in a few weeks for best grad student paper.

I think I’m emotionally drained now.


THAT’s what you meant by ego death.


This one’s more like some kind of de-insemination.



That was a well-executed double-jump.


I tried that with my cat once, with a similar setup to the gif. The little bastard managed to get up on the lip of the sink, pushed the foil aside, and went about his day eating my windowbox herb garden.


Sorry about your cat, Mindy. Here, have an ear hug.



Aww, so sorry Mindy.
This “mission abort” always gets a little snort out of me…


I meant to do that.


Why is that cat wearing a shirt? how did she land on her feet from that angle? Why does jump like that? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

And thanks. I miss my little guy. :frowning:


Remote hugs.
I still miss all the kitties that have been in my care.

I got 2 wandering ones that I feed you can have if you want.