Pilots, please always remove cats from your plane wings before flight

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“That darn cat”


Kitty was totally all ‘what the hell is this?’ for just a bit, then was ‘oh cool don’t have this happen everyday, check it out’ after that.


Definitely an inadequate pre-flight! My instructor told anecdotes of purses wrapped around the horizontal stab and insects in the pitot tube, but cats in the wings? That’s new. To the pilot’s credit, his immediate reaction included NOT alerting the passenger.

Also, props to Xeni for keeping the animated GIFs off the main page.


They’re scaling up for the eventual war, obviously. Now I know why I’ve seen so many cats near military bases…


Bees in the air vent was a big one in my glider training (2-33s of course). I’m sure at least one mouse was taken for a ride. They loved building nests in them.

He said in the comments he wasn’t sure if the cat got in after his preflight or if he missed it…but his reaction was hilarious…then very professional…a prompt return to the airport without doing anything to panic the cat.
Kudos to him for being willing to put this online.


So cute! (What if kitties looked on the outside the way they see themselves on the inside? That’s be a different story.)

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He was like YEAAAAH!!



What the hell’s all this noise, I’m just gonna jump over this Lady here and ooooh no I won’t!

Good thing it wasn’t looking for a quiet place to have a litter.

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