Cats watch bird, dog scares cats

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cats in predator mode are like cocked springs


Shanks. Needed that this morning!


it’s tempting to make .gif

shall I or shan’t I


We need a stabilized version of this film.

Its for… research? Yeah, research.


Dog: Hay pals! wat do–BIRD!!!

Cats: WTF, Fluffy. How did your kind even make it this far?

Owner: Ha ha! That was hilarious, Fluffy! Here, have a treat.

Cats: …I see…

Cats losing their cool always makes me laugh but now someone will tell me I’m not allowed to laugh at this because it was traumatizing for those cats and now they will fear birds or little dogs or storm doors wheezy laughing or something.


When the local sheriff stumbles upon an NSA operation…


Wouldn’t it be great if camera apps had a mandatory 1-2 hour photography/videography primer that was required before you could even use it?

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I wouldn’t say that about this video, since it doesn’t look staged. But the videos where shit-bag owners terrorize their cats for ‘lolz on internet’ aspirations irritate me. Thought experiment: A few of your friends put on black ski-masks, kick open your door in the middle of the night, wrap your hands in duck tape, and tell you they are going to kill you. Then you see the camera and they pull the masks off and start laughing. Cats don’t grok ‘jokes’ and you can cause permanent anxiety by scaring them. Cats have different anxiety levels, just like people. I have one cat that jumps if I turn the page of a book too loud in a quiet room. It would be incredibly cruel to scare her for a laugh.

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Freeze the video right after the cats jump-- man they really get some air!

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Cats: Teach you to sneak up and scare the bejesus out of us, we just shit in your bed. How’d ya like that?
Dog: Nom, nom, nom.
Cats: FML.

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