Veterinary tech training video starring man as pissed-off, unruly, and frightened cat

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@frauenfelder beat you by 20 minutes.


Euthanize the kitty, clearly no hope for treatment. The tech should maybe get an Oscar and a handgun for darts.

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Extra bonus points for using the Ren & Stimpy theme during the chase scene. :smiley_cat:


I can’t tell if that’s Louis CK or Jony Ive, but it’s nice that he’s found work. He’s not a very good fractious cat, though. He’s not lightning fast, he didn’t wedge himself behind an inaccessible cabinet, and there’s no blood.


Throw some avocado toast into the cage to distract him, and you’re good to go.

This is how I deal with my roommate.

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If they had assumed that an actual pissed-off, unruly, and frightened cat would have meant fewer views… then they were very wrong.

Is it odd that I sent this video to both my furry friends and my friends who were into pet play?

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This is a joke, right??

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I think it must be the lab setting, but it reminded me of one of my favourite horror movies from the Eighties…

Ye gods, I loved that movie.

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