Cat takes flip flop for test drive


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We’ve found a replacement host for Top Gear!


I’m terribly partial to the periwinkle blue, myself.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the GIF is longer than the video.


Oh, but I wouldn’t waste that that talent on hosting Top Gear. It looks like a new Stig to me!



(Gee, I’m suggestible.) The GIF runs about three seconds, while the video is around six. Of course, this depends on whether your browser (and mine!) is clicking through the GIF frames at some “correct” rate.


on a somewhat related note, how much longer 'til the BB editors kill the animated GIFs?


The GIF graphics control extension block does support specifying a frame rate(though indirectly, a GIF doesn’t have ‘a frame rate’; but each frame can specify a delay before the next frame is processed); but my understanding is that you cannot safely expect applications to be all that strict in obeying your instructions.

Interestingly, there is also support for a ‘user input’ flag; so you can construct GIFs that are supposed to only advance to the next frame on demand(how ‘input’ is collected is up to the application). I’m not sure how robustly that is supported in various browsers.


I love the animated GIFs, I get the gist of the video without having to watch the whole video! :smile: And that’s good enough for me!


Same here, and I like having an occasional bit of animation to break of a stream of static pages.


Running the animation on a click would be the best of both worlds. And simple to do, with just a javascript oneliner that changes the static image to the animated one via onclick(). The animated one can even be preloaded to a hidden IMG object (which may not be a good idea for mobile users on slow or metered connections).

Would also save CPU for browsers that wouldn’t have to animate stuff.


“It corners great. I can’t wait to get on the freeway and check out the acceleration.”


Catnip-boosted insoles?


Step on it


"It corners great…

actually, heard it was prone to flipping…


Even better, when will there be an extension on Chrome for stopping/playing animated GIFs that works properly? OR, a keyboard command in the browser that does the same, ala Firefox?


reminds me of Slithe riding on his Nose Diver (link to image since I’m a “new user”):


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