Animated gifs?

Unfortunately, most web-browsers make it needlessly difficult to disable the infernal phoning things. I lost the settings I’d used while trying to diagnose some problems. Since they inflict a lot of pain, and add only pain to the discussions, I suggest that no one use the accursed phoning things here.

On almost any browser except Chrome pressing esc will stop any animated GIF animations.

You can test with this one

My testing:

  • Internet Explorer 11: yes esc stops the animation

  • Firefox current: no esc does not stop the animation.

    Looks like this is a regression as of Firefox 20, this definitely used to work in earlier Firefoxes. They recommend using this SuperStop add on.

  • Chrome current: no esc does not stop the animation.

    Has never worked in Chrome to my knowledge, which is odd since it did not follow the path laid down by IE and Firefox prior to v20. There is a long standing bug on this which has some recent activity. This Gif Jam plugin looks promising though.


Not sure if @MarjaE is around any more, but here’s a recent article about disabling animated GIFs:

The links under the first post are all strongly related too, but not sure I want to bounce three topics for this bit of info.


I mostly stopped visiting. If I remember correctly, I made one post objecting to an autoplaying video, and I made another post because my first hadn’t shown up. I got temp-banned for that. I asked for an explanation, stating:

My account has been suspended until the 28th, for raising accessibility issues, “[r]eposting a deleted message and failing to respond to a moderator.”

Of course I failed to respond to a moderator. I never got any message from any moderator, so I never could respond. Of course I reposted my message. I simply noted that no web site should use autoplay.

I never got an explanation or an apology. That said, accessibility was an important topic, and is. In my experience, the about:config trick doesn’t block animation. Maybe it blocks some animation, but not enough to notice. I use QuickJava to disable Gifs and Flash. I have scripts to disable some other types. I think Javascript should be deprecated because it doesn’t allow users to block animation without blocking everything on many sites, and because it’s getting more and more popular to use more and more animation. I also pronounce “Gif” with a J, like in “Iaurdanus” or “year.”

My hearing issues have subsided a bit since I’ve started cutting back on salicylates. My hearing and strobe sensitivites are still disabling, and I have had two seizures from emergency lights, and a lot of dangerous disorientation from turn signals, crosswalk lights, and other flashing lights, and migraines from all these and web animation. I really don’t understand the logic of using flashing lights in public places, such as on the roads, or in safety-critical situations such as school buses, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. on the roads.

Also, when I try to scroll through this thread, there’s more painimation now. Why are neurotypicals always trying to put more pain on every page?

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