Painful animated gifs?

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Here you go! Is it just gifs you dislike or that cause you pain? If so, and I’m part of the problem by what I posted I apologize!

It’s any kind of flashing light or flashing image. Animated gifs tend to be bad, sometimes because of the contents, and sometimes because of the flip from the last frame to the first. Long-bulb flourescent lights, especially if they are burning out, turn signals, safety lights, etc. also give me a lot of trouble.

It’s been an issue at least since I was twelve, and asking why schools used such painful lights, and definitely worse of an issue over the past couple years, along with bright lights, high-pitched noises, and loud noises. Honestly the noises are much worse, but much easier to avoid online.

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OH! I’m really sorry then.

I wonder if the discourse folks could build in some sort of functionality that can be set to automatically block animated gifs?

Out of curiosity, did the workaround @OtherMichael suggested over here prove efficacious? Seems like it would (or at least should) be a reliable browser-based solution, if it works, since banning animated GIFs from the BBS would be apt to get a whole lot of pushback from the large crowd of users who find them useful and entertaining. And if the browser itself can’t be configured to omit animations, then a Discourse setting doesn’t seem likely to fix the problem without banning their use altogether.

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I installed an add-on that allowed me to watch them if and when I want without having to watch them whenever they are inflicted on me. Except via email.

I don’t understand why I should need an add-on to disable a misfeature though.

Nothing should animate without the user’s permission.

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Already covered here

Not sure how many more topics we need on this?

I also suggest using web based email, so your browser prefs can apply everywhere.

Well, I was wondering why the site was automatically sending the aphoned things. But, as long as they are everywhere on the internet, and they hurt people, and blocking them takes special tools, this is a problem.

It sends the content of the post; if the content includes images, those will be linked just as they are in the post.

Another idea is to see if your mail client supports not loading images, or loading them on click.

I never have content emailed to me… But I think you’re right about things animating. It seems like it’s a base assumption about how people feel comfortable interacting with the online environment. People just don’t think that it can be painful.

So, from my end, is the solution not to post animated gifs directly to you? That way, you don’t get them in the emails?

Well, I was able to block images in my mail. That should help.


How about just not emailing animated gifs?

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