Catalonian General Strike called for tomorrow, separation imminent


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Catalan Independence

This is not going to be pretty.


This is the future! Secession for everybody who needs it, and more small-scale/custom government.


Indeed, an intriguing idea: solve divisive political culture by creating more silos of ideology.

It’d work great. Right up until Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas all merge together and start thinking that Missouri looks like a nice addition, if only they’d just cooperate…



You make it sounds like repeating feudalism would be a bad thing.


The level of bungling on Madrid’s part in handling this whole situation has been stunning. Even a heavy-handed thug like Franco was more competent. This mishandling bears the hallmarks of this kind of Spanish leader:


I don’t think it would. As long as I get to be a Lord.

It’s proven difficult to get anywhere with Democracy when your campaign slogan is, “Vote Regular in '16! Your Village will be Spared!”


Consent of the governed. It’s a neat concept.





If we define “abstention” as “any of abstention, living in a town where the riot police successfully shut down the polling station, or being legitimately afraid of being seriously injured in attempting to access the polling station”, I guess…


Both you and @popobawa4u have important ideas here.


Feudalism is a top-down system of coercive organization. It has more in common with the contemporary Westphalian nation-state than it does with localized strictly voluntary government.


Whether Catalonia gets out of Spain or not, I sense a government’s gonna fall soon.


I don’t know about that, Farage’s Islamophobia has struck me as being rather provincial, and he sounds like a capitalist. So I doubt if our views have much in common.


“The destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.” – T.H. White


That’s pretty much the deal. When you are a captive citizen, you are prevented from most meaningful social organization. That unity is something we each create, rather than something we are subjected to. I can’t speak for all countries and laws, but having been a communist in the US for more than four decades, I can tell you that the law here exists to prevent unity. People are strongly dissuaded from forming collectives or communes - except for a few symbolic kinds that consolidate wealth and power, rather than distributing it. YMMV

Capitalist nation-states require their citizens to be selfish. So to be emancipated, people need to be able to secede and organize.


Ironically, if Madrid had stayed out of it, the referendum may well have failed… polls had it failing by about 8 points before the crackdown started. And of course those who favor remaining under Spanish rule are a lot less likely to brave Spanish riot police to vote in an election that Spanish authorities claim is illegal.


Spain’s GOV really screwed the pooch on this one.


Somehow, I don’t think that concerted inbreeding (to extinction as with the Habsburgs) explains, or will handle, the current Spanish government.