Catalonian General Strike called for tomorrow, separation imminent


I suddenly feel like watching “the Battle for Algiers.”


Popo, the trouble is that there will always be large predators out there, and a collection of smaller nations/city-states are generally ill-equipped to handle them.

I’m not saying that this sort of separation is inappropriate, not at all; it has it’s place, it just isn’t the ultimate solution.


“Gobierno? More like gobshite, I’d say!”


Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia, Putin cackles himself to sleep.


BTW: how do the Spanish and Catalan political parties line up over this?


Pretty biased piece.

The number, which is probably highly inflated already as it includes anybody tripping over or having an anxiety attack, refers to “wounded”.

There were only two people hospitalized, one got a rubber bullet in his eye.

This video is fairly representative of what generally happened (yes, riot police did hit people with batons at SOME locations)

50 min video and at most the police tries to push their way to execute court orders


Obligatory SMBC:


Funny, but not necessarily. He is a prime purple throbber though.

The principle of subsidiarity is key to having a well functioning democracy. People need to feel they own their own affairs.


I knows yer position, but I thinks yer shoulds have a looks at hows reality worked so far with secessions and stuffs.

On a very serious note:
economically and ethnically motivated nationalism did the worst damage in Europe during basically all of history. Fighting for more rights, including the right to govern yourself, is a different thing. Caveat: in Catalonia, the lines are not only blurred, they are invisible under layers of shit.


Today in Catalonia:


“You have no f***ing idea what’s a grenade launcher. Bastards! A firebreak!”

“Put the camera on. You have no f***ing idea what happened in Russia. Soon you’ll have weapons here. Soon. Just wait and see.”

“I wish you just one thing: that you never get a weapon. But they’ll put weapons in your hands, I’m sure they will.”

(To the infamous “mossos”, who stand by doing nothing about the blockade)
“You’ll have a war here, and it will be your fault.”

PS: Excuse me but I can’t find the way to embed the video.


Serfdom can be OK.


Please tell me your Farage meme is sarcastic.


Happy to tell so.

Less sure regarding @doctorow’s apparent cognitive dissonance.

Of course, as @Papasan rightly said


Those figures (58% abstention, 90% Leave) come from the Catalonian government. And they look plausible given previous (w/o police violence) polls.

Even although the vote was unauthorized (given that it is unconstitutional), it was actually followed for a 10% of Stayers.

So, if we believe the figures, saying All Catalonians Are Separatists is more or less as saying All Americans Are Republicans.


@doctorow’s apparent cognitive dissonance

She should edit the article. Between 844 and 2 hospitalized, that’s more than two orders of magnitude. And one of them was a man with a heart attack who was reanimated by the national riot police

And peace was not everywhere to be found:



There were two possible responses by the Spanish government.

(1) Say “this referendum means nothing because the result changes nothing and should not take place, therefore we are going to show up with guns and police and prevent you from voicing your opinion in a way that legally changes nothing.”

(2) Say “This referendum means nothing… so go ahead and have your silly little vote, but understand that it changes nothing whatsoever.”

One of these options requires using force on people; one doesn’t.

One of these options effectively communicates your message that the vote means nothing. The other communicates concern that the vote is so important that it shouldn’t be allowed to happen.


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