Spanish central government fires Catalonian government officials, police chiefs

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Would they feel the pinch, though? This is the age of digital kleptocracy, after all; This would represent an enormous opportunity to steal a new market for outside banks offering super easy credit terms for small transactions and Catalonian businesses to stop-gap any shortages, until normal economic activity could resume.

That might work for small businesses and casual consumers, but it won’t work for large capital companies like manufacturing and building.

Isn’t this a case of “Too late, we quit?”

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How soon before Sacramento looks like this?


If this works, could the government of a different country fire Trump please? Pretty please?


Argument of force, @doctorow

Do you have anything to say other than Tu Quoque?

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A few updates on the situation:

The central government has called for regional elections that will take place on December 21. The separatist parties are trying to decide how to react to the announcement.

The separatist deputies in the Spanish parliament have not yet abandoned their seats or renounced to their salaries.

The regional police seems to have accepted central control. Their top civilian and police commanders have stepped down as ordered by the central government and the portraits of the former regional president are being removed from police precincts.

A large demonstration for unity took place today in Barcelona. Among the speakers against independence was Francesc Frutos, a Catalan former secretary general of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE).

The Real Madrid FC soccer team is playing a game in Catalonia right now, presided by the Spanish flag. Catalan soccer teams have not withdrawn from the Spanish Liga.

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I do not see the Tu Quoque in the video, but to me it epitomizes a lot of the what has gone on : pretend grievances when the legitimate ones were probably on the other side. Additionally, the independentist with the yellow polo shirt and the excess hate is a primary teacher.

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