Cats give zero fucks about your yoga video, will interrupt you without hesitation


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There are places where that is a feature not a bug.


It seems appropriate that the URL was shortened to: cats-give-zero-fucks-about-you.html.


Oh come on though, they do, they do. Especially if they see you as the principal food-provider and litter-cleaner. Then they take your welfare very seriously. I mean, ye gods, what would happen to them if something happened to you?


They will put up “missing” posters.



We believe that our cats refer to us as Thumbs #1 and Thumbs #2.


See? You’re on their radar!


that cat yoga video is awesome. i’m a new fan. not sure if my cats will approve of those postures or not, but i need to try them…


Silly human, youtube is for cat videos.


They’re also on their radar. It’s warm there.


I’m actually the secretary for my college’s yoga club. I think I need to share that last video with the other members. Unfortunately, none of my current cats would put up with this sort of thing.


Cats give zero fucks about your yoga video

In fairness to cats, I feel the same way.


Christ, what an asshole^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H cat!


Hmm between this and the recent california-woman-killed-by-bra.html maybe we were right to have longer topic slugs in Discourse :wink:


Let’s not forget putin-calls-for-invasion-of-uk.html


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