Caverns and Creatures RPG silliness continues in 'Probing the Annis'


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You are seriously making me question your taste in reading materials and this is from someone who reads stupid pulp novels aimed at 13 year old boys.


These are super short 50 page novellas aimed at 13 year old boys.


Well butt jokes usually are.
When I either get my nook fixed or break down and get a new one I will take a peek at one.


Now I want to dig out my back issues of Knights of the Dinner Table. :slight_smile:


Assumed it was a Tingle book, but didn’t see any dinosaurs on the cover…


I wondered if Bevan was a Tingle pseudonym.


Speaking of butt jokes.
Our DM made the mistake of choosing Kord as the big muck a muck god for our last campaign. Our group chose to mishear it as Corn… cue jokes about cornholing.


My fiancee just got me the Critical Failures book for my birthday; I’m looking forward to reading it :smiley:


I’m no highbrow critic of litterachure, but I’ve been enjoying Bevan’s admittedly middle-school-level-of-sophistication books. It helps if you have a deep, lifelong, wholly incurable, and inexplicably profound love of poop and fart jokes. Since I do, I’m hooked on these.

If you curl your lip and sniff at such scatology (which I don’t recommend, 'cause it’s pretty stinky), then you shouldn’t bother with these. The D&D stuff is balls-deep, but the poop and farts and barf are, like, nonstop.

That said, they’re fun.

Start with Critical Failures, so you know how they got there. Read the long ones (Critical Failures I-IV) before you read the d6 collections of short stories, I’d say.


Nah just mostly a good chance to poke fun @jlw… as I stated above once I get new tablet/ereader I will check them out.


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