CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in marijuana that shows promise in epilepsy and pain therapy, so the DEA wants to class it with heroin

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of course, makes a nice workaround to all the states making it legal.


It almost like big drug companies are using the government to squash competition.


Clearly, we should be using CDC bases its recommendations on science in consideration with community standards and wishes standards in our decision-making.


Been using CBD balm on myself for 2 years. I used to regularly have knee pain after a workout, now never at all. Siskel & Ebert give it 2 thumbs up!


Regulatory capture, man. That’s the term here.


Well, yes, but regulatory capture doesn’t so usually doesn’t metastasize over to law enforcement like this!


Drug companies have ‘values’ too.

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Every time I hear the acronym CBD spoken I automagically respond with an internal: “Gabba Gabba Hey”. Can’t help myself.


The executive removal of cannabis from the Drug Enforcement Administration Schedule 1 (no known medical use) is long overdue; don’t add CBD to schedule 1 either idiots!.

Legalizing medical cannabis use under federal law is a change supported by nearly all Americans. 94% support the use of marijuana by medical patients according to polling by Quinnipiac University early in 2017. A more recent Survey USA poll finds 76% to 18%, respondents believe that the federal government should allow cannabis businesses in legal states to operate without federal interference. Three separate national polls conducted by Gallup, CBS News, and Quinnipiac found a respective 64%, 61%, and 60% of respondents answered that they wanted to see all cannabis use legalized. That’s the highest level of support since Gallup polling on this issue started 48 years ago.

Scientific clinical trials in Israel, Germany, England, and Brazil found cannabis effective against many cancers, dozens of other diseases and in pain management. Cannabis used for pain control consistently results in less opioid drug use.

The US Department of Health and Human Services holds US Patent #6,630,507 --cannabinoids for the prevention and treatment of diseases including auto-immune disorders, stroke, trauma, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Patent Office granted GW Pharmaceuticals multiple cannabis patents: #8,790,719, #9,017,737, #9,168,278 and #9,205,063, for treatments of prostate, breast and colon cancers, neural degeneration, psychotic disorders, and as an appetite suppressant. More patents for GW Pharmaceuticals are pending. Physicians widely prescribed cannabis tinctures, oils and compounds before Marijuana Prohibition began in 1937. Cannabis is a demonstrated pharmacological Superstar.

29 states and the District of Columbia regulate medical marijuana by statute. Many medical patients -deemed otherwise incurable- are healthier today because of cannabis therapies available in those states. Attorney General Sessions seems to be irrationally anti-cannabis. Congressman Rohrabacher said “Mr. Sessions stands against an overwhelming majority of Americans and even, sadly, against veterans and other people who we now know conclusively are helped dramatically by Medical Marijuana”. The National Academy of Sciences and Medicine states cannabis is not a gateway to other illicit drugs. Now the World Health Organization finds use for cannabis CBD derivatives too. DEA is a political bought and paid for department making money for politicians, drug warriors and black marketers. Not to mention DEA denies the sick treatments that could help them.


The only values they have are stock values.


Well, but the only reason the DEA didn’t crack down under obama was that the justice department didn’t make it a priority. Schedule one classification just needs to be overturned and that has to come at a federal level.


The color green has been shown to have a calming effect on some patients suffering from anxiety.

Notoriously, however, green is also the color of marijuana leaves, not to mention its religious and political co-option by Muslims and radical environmental agitators.

I rest my case.


Oddly, about the same as the percentage of scientists polled by Scientific American some years ago who voted Democrat.
How close to 100% would it be today?


Only the wishes of the 1% count in this country. It will remain that way until voters realize that republicans serve only the wealthy. Most of those who voted for the pervert are voting for the destruction of the majority. Fools who respond to the dog whistles of the right and righteous are dragging the rest of us into misery.

As I write this I have an ice water pump on my knee trying to bring relief that opioids might address. Big pharma however has allowed opioids to become a health plague so that option for relief is going to legally vanish. The greed and wealth that command this country truly sicken me in more ways than one.


So… placebo is as toxic and addictive as CBD. When can we expect placebo to be listed as Schedule I drug, too?


Regular CBD user here, and I can confirm (in my sample size of n = 1) that it’s pretty fantastic for nerve pain that’s been otherwise treatment resistant. Surgery “perturbed” my ilioinguinal nerve, and I was having trouble being comfortable in any position, let alone walking or getting any kind of regular exercise. My other options were heavy NSAID use (wrecking my stomach), oxy, or a handful of other random painkillers that aren’t prescribed often. The CBD edibles have been a lifesaver, and I can take them at work because there’s no high at all. If I miss a day (or just skip taking it on a weekend day because I’m lazing around), no problem, no withdrawal. I can’t say that for most of the other “real” medications I take.

TL;DR: Fuck Trump, the DEA, his Evil Keebler Confederate Elf Sessions, and anyone else in law enforcement who has a hard-on to crack down on medical marijuana.


So, they’re banning CBD, apparently because someone haz teh feelz that CBD is bad, m’kay?

Meanwhile, that bunch of lackspittles is overturning regulations put in place to mitigate actual, documented harm.

The common thread in what would otherwise be inexplicable hypocrisy? Corporate welfare.


Three forbidden words* in one post. Off with 'is head.

*I would list them, but then I would be guilty too.

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The most valuable kind, for politicians trying to please ‘values voters.’

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