DEA chief: medical marijuana is "a joke." Science: No, it's not

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You were scooped!


Who hired that doosh bag?

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The government’s legal position used to be that there is no legitimate medical use. I don’t know if that’s changed, but maybe the guy’s not (all the bad names we wish to call him). Maybe he’s just doing his job, which is defending the government’s position.

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I have chronic pain because I really trashed my L5/S1 disc as a powerlifter about 2 1/2 years ago… I’m not saying I’ve smoked weed for pain, but I hear it really helps a lot, especially the high CBD variants. Just sayin’.


At the very least, cannabis relieves pain with fewer side effects than precription medicine.


By which criteria, it should qualify for FDA approval.

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What’s your question?

Oh sorry. I think I mis-read. I agree with you. It should have FDA aproval.

My apologies.

::must avoid the Nuremberg defense response::

His predecessor was just doing her job also and sounded just as silly trying to spout the company line:


Maybe that’s because she was defending something silly. Well… except the incarceration part.

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Medical marijuana: DEA chief is “a joke.” Science: Yup.


Schedule I is explicitly stated in the law to be for drugs with (paraphrasing here) no known medical use or have been superceded by better alternatives.

So the government in this situation to deny any evidence of pot’s medical usefulness, and also has prohibited further research for the most part.

Alternatively the FDA has granted approval for both synthetic THC and CBD. So the government is contradicting itself in the case of cannabis.

The schedule system needs to be tossed out and re-written to at the very least allow for proper research. As it stands the DEA has authority to have Congress rubber stamp whatever drugs it wants into any scheduling without showing any evidence.


Irony meter done broke.

Good thing it’s Friday. I’ll probably have to stay away form the innerwebs until I get it fixed.


So the government is contradicting itself in the case of cannabis.

Our rigorously consistent government? Impossible.


One of the biggest recurring problems facing the USA seems to be this kind of intractable institutional inertia - there are so many areas where the science is clear and the costs to America (of ignoring known reality) are terrible and ongoing, yet the institutions (and people in them) have being doing things in the same rut for so long that they just keep doing what they’ve always done and new facts just don’t really enter into the equation.

The ship won’t steer and the icebergs won’t move.

Other countries have anti-corruption drives. We could do with some of that, but perhaps also a drive to strip out the rotting inertia coming from deadwood like this guy making a mockery of the DEA’s mission. Rather than fighting to protect the American people, he’s fighting tooth and nail to protect his own (outdated ideologically blinkered) comfort zone. Do your job properly and competently and impartially or get out.


Huh, I just noticed that Chuck Rosenberg is Kim Davis:

  • Government employee and department head increasingly at odds with the modern world and democratic law, as our laws increasingly incorporate 21st century findings, freedoms, science, and values.
  • Abusing their position to force a suspiciously-personal/ideological agenda onto regular Americans, creating suffering for those Americans and robbing them of freedoms that their laws attempt to protect.
  • They won’t do their job, they won’t accept new understanding; they want to do the 1950’s version of their job instead.
  • But they also won’t quit the job to allow someone competent to do it instead.

We need a better way to weed out these deadbeats and deadwood.

(I’ve never even smoked the stuff, but deadbeats like Chuck Rosenberg and Kim Davis make me mad.)


Just renewed my card today. Seattle has added additional rules and fees to the process. So it used to take maybe 20 minutes to review your case, ask if anything has changed, and then either give you a card or not. It cost $75 for the renew and you paid after the visit if you got the card.

Now it costs $125 upfront for the first visit and they have added that I have to come back in in 3 months for a follow up that will cost an additional $75.

I would describe this visit as a very thorough physical exam followed with suggested changes in my diet and exercise to improve some medical issues I have. The one thing we never discussed was, cannabis. Actually, I brought it up a few times in context and the Dr steered the conversation back to diet and exercise. I was sitting there thinking there was no way I getting my card renewed and I just paid $125 to be told to do sit ups and eat less red meat. Then we walked out to the receptionist and they gave me my card (still without ever saying cannabis). They just slid it across the reception counter and said sign, and this is your copy.

The rules they have to follow continue to get more and more bizarre. I’m not sure I have captured how strange this whole process is. Just imagine you go in to talk about renewing you glasses prescription and then the doctor talks about every aspect of your health, except glasses and the many options a person has for vision improvement. Then they give you a prescription that just say go buy contacts, or glasses or squint real hard (because apparently we can discuss everything EXCEPT why you are here and what would be best for you situation).

None of this BS makes me any healthier or safer. As far as I can tell this is about making the current medical so painfully difficult that when they try next summer to have the retail stores take over medical (at greatly inflated tax rates compared to now) that I won’t miss the old system that was running fine for a decade until they intentionally broke it.