Washington State's medical marijuana milieu is almost too good to be true



An ounce a month!?
It makes me feel better about my habits anyway. (Although the idea of a regular, legal, supply is very nice, but I don’t have any medical needs other than ennui)


After voters enthusiastically OK’d medical marijuana here in MA, we all expected dispensaries to pop up all over. Sadly, it’s being red-taped to death. The government’s intentionally impossible approval process and the regulations around where dispensaries can actually be located (X number of miles from any schools, playgrounds, or places where children congregate), plus the intensely restrictive guidelines on who can actually qualify (mostly life-threatening diseases) mean that, two years later, we’re no closer to any medical marijuana being available in the state.


It’s a weed, for Christssake. Why isn’t it free?


Any plant can be considered a weed. But unlike a weed growing in a ditch or in a corner of a back 40 somewhere, thsre are being tended to, including, evidently, some pretty fancy hybrid/cross breeding stuff going on. All that takes time and man power, and thus money.

Anyway - as someone in chronic pain I really am curious if something like pot cookies could help manage things. But considering the state I live in, it will probably be a long damn time before I find out.

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A weed is simply a plant for which a use has not yet been found.

While I’m completely in favor of people being able to get weed for medical reasons, the utterly non-medical names the dispensaries use for their product—and the ease with which one can get a prescription based on virtually any complaint—make it entirely too clear what’s really going on. Guys, you’re not fooling anyone.

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You don’t think he makes a strong case for responsible and professional regulation? Duuuuuuuuude.

And shouldn’t have to.


Hey man, boredom is a totally valid medical condition.


Wait for 2016. Consider the worthless mess that the MA law was as a blessing. Everyone has learned that the government can’t be trusted to implement a law on their own time scale. The result is that in 2016 MA will get a no bullshit law passed through referendum like what Colorado got that prohibits bull shit and sets firm dates by which the government must act.


Of course we are not fooling anyone. We are just giving cowards a way to bow out. Seriously, medical marijuana is pushed because it is the only way to get worthless politicians trying to appease worthless busy bodies trying to shove their morals forcefully up our collective ass to have to take a step back and defend themselves. Our society can’t seem to accept justice, peace, reducing prison populations, ending of state sanctioned ruining of lives, and the boring old utility as a reason to end the worthless drug war, so it has to be attacked from a different angle.

Great. And so now here we are. A few states have openly flouted the law and look, baby Jesus didn’t reign down fire. They instead just got a bump in tourism and a reduction of people drunkenly picking fights outside of bars.


I think that the real interesting news is being buried here, which is that Eichhorn is writing new stuff! AFAIK, all the previous Real Stuff strips were at least 20 years old.


This is exactly why medical Marijuana and Legal marijuana advocates get thrashed.

This type of LSD 60’s style “COMIX” OMG I GET HIGH LEGALLY…with old guys going WOW…it’s GOD POT. Does not help the cause.

Very little about the needs of medical stuff except ‘oh a neck problem’…and then gaming the system. HAHA…we get high legally!

The main take away from this is like a furry freak bro’s comix saying they just want to get high…that’s all…nothing about ‘you know my neck is much better now’…just WOW I can get high.

It belittles rational discussion for an argument for legal marijuana to be presented in a comix format that’s really isn’t about medial stuff–it’s just about getting high; that isn’t helping.

Nothing was said about how the pot helped neck problem…getting high was the main point. The neck problem was simply a reason to get pot.

I want legal pot for everyone…but the OMG THIS IS GOD POT stuff…doesn’t help at all.

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I never really liked the MMJ dispensary system, simply because every single person I know who used it had bullshit ailments. It looks like it was designed specifically for less-than-honest people to fake a little pain, then get cheap, strong weed. If there’s two things I really dislike, it’s abusing the medical system, and malingering generally. And that’s pretty much the description of every MMJ user I know. I’d rather they just be honest with themselves and others and that the government treat us like adults and not care that we’re getting high. Anyone who says weed is more harmful to the user than tobacco or alcohol is either laughably ignorant and worthy of an education, or lying to your face, and worthy of a punch in the nose.

But thinking about it now, it almost seems like this shady gray market of medical fraud was a sort of necessary step in order to get general legalization done.

When everyone knows at least a few recreational users who aren’t burnt-out potheads who never get anything done, when everyone knows someone who works a regular job, and has a family and a condo, and also smokes weed “for back pain” or “glaucoma” or “social anxiety”, it un-demonizes the devil’s weed.

And so now we have a society where smoking weed is fairly common, and it turns out nobody’s shitting blood (except for the legit cancer patients, of course), and the public sentiment can settle on a reasonable conception of what weed is and does, and that it’s not some dangerous boogeyman out to turn people’s daughters into whores, and it doesn’t “make negroes lustful and hard to kill (Anslinger to the rescue)”. It’s just a drug that helps some people have a good time, and has certain medical uses that are actually well substantiated. And now we see that even using it beyond medical indications is not actually problematic.


And your point is?

This is a legal and PR game. One that I happily endorse even though I don’t think I’ve smoked a bowl in probably three years (and that at my birthday).


It has helped enough that the laws keep getting changed in state after state. I call that a win.

I have quite a few friends with MJ cards. A few just get high. Most of the rest are using to deal with real life issues, ranging from anxiety and insomnia to chronic back pain. I had a rather senior coworker, knowing that I have a bad disc in my spine and just had surgery for it, flat out tell me that I should get a card and smoke some because it helps his chronic (ahem) pain, probably because of relaxation and helping him sleep.


You need to know a better class of people then. See my previous reply just posted.


Seriously though I do recognize that there are legitimate medical uses for pot. I had a toenail removed and the nailbed chemically cauterized back in January. They sent me out the door with a bottle of percosets, and the instructions to “Not take too many, also don’t drink, and don’t take any aspirin or acetaminophen if I take the percoset. And also you have to take it with food, but expect to get bound up. Also you might get addicted to it. Or it might just not work at the prescribed dose at all because your have ginger DNA.”

Well, I knew from previous experience that percoset, or any other opioid isn’t an option for me, because they make me break out in hives while also not making the pain any better.

Since I was immobilized for a couple of days, and didn’t want to drive with a bleeding foot, I had a lot of recovery pain. Not the worst, but something I’d rather avoid. So, after I was feeling okay enough to drive with my tender foot (pun totally intended), I drove on over to the recreational pot store, bought an ounce of high CBD bud, and had a rather pleasant rest of my recovery, without the liver damage and gastrointestinal distress of high dose NSAIDs or booze, and without the hives and addiction potential of opioids.

Now in this situation, I might have had grounds to get an MMJ card, but I don’t need long term bud for something like a toe healing in a few weeks.


The thing is that stoner comixs like this turn the medical use into a joke. A funny thing about gaming the system to get pot and get stoned. The take away wasn’t about it helping the medical condition…it was about gaming the system to get stoned.

When people with cancer need MM…it’s not “here put a compress on it and call me back” it’s seriously serious stuff. Trivialized in this comix. As ‘doctor shopping’…

It’s not about advocating legal MJ for everyone…(which I support)…it’s about tweaking the system to get high. That does not help the cause.

The entire end point and the entire endgame was 'wow…I can get high"…

Not Thank Goodness, I can get a medical treatment that helps me with this medical problem.

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