Californians will get to vote on legal recreational weed

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Good - the sooner that the war on drugs (of all kinds) ends the sooner our country will begin to heal.

It sure would be nice to leave at least one good thing for our kids future.


While we’re at it, can we stop referring to cannabis as ‘weed’, 'marijuana, and ‘pot’, seeing as these latter three have only negative connotations for those opposed to these sort of reforms?


“I know that arresting for weed is ruining lives, killing people and disproportionally affecting minorities but the teamsters need to distribute it or it’s wrong” - said no one ever


San Diego has had legal dispensaries for some time now. Really the “vote” will be nice, but weed is here to stay.


I’m glad your municipality went along with the voter-approved initiative. Our city council, while extremely progressive in almost everything else, had blow back by some conservative constituents and it’s police force. They voted the dispensaries gone, which forced proponents to petition for a new local ordinance to be placed on this November’s ballot. I respect local level decision-making, but this really should’ve gone to the local voters in the first place.


The vote will be more than nice! It’s crucial to keeping the ball rolling.

Also, some of us don’t have cards.


When this passes, it’ll always be 4:20 somewhere!


And I haven’t smoked pot in – what – 15 years? I smoked a whole bunch of pot my second quarter of college and watched my grades go from a 3.9 to a 3.1 and decided that that was the end of that. Not that I’ll never smoke it again, but it just holds very little interest.

But the consequences of criminalization are just stupid. Toke up, my California brothers and sisters. Toke up.


The medical dispensaries, growers, and those associated with that economy as well as the black market dealers, growers, etc make California a difficult fight for legalization.

Why would you say “via reddit” and link to the front page? That’s completely useless.


I would think that WA, CO, and Oregon have shown that to be quite the opposite.


Apples and oranges my friend. The industry is old and well embedded in that state. California has had this vote come up several times and each time the medical and black market pot economies along with conservative voters have prevented passage.


Then keep dragging your :cake: feet about it. The same shit was pulled up here in WA (had a medical market nearly as long as CA) and while it took a few times it finally passed. But sure, lets keep ignoring tax revenue in CA so we dont piss off the black market, that is always a good idea.


All those opposed say ‘Nay’.

  • Police union: Nay.
  • For profit prison industry: Nay.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Nay.
  • Border patrol union: Nay.
  • Tobacco industry: Nay.
  • Right-wing fundamentalist religious organizations: Nay.
  • illegal drug market: Nay.
  • Politicians getting campaign contributions from all of the above: Nay.

All those in favor say ‘Aye’.

  • reasonable individuals
  • college students

Now add up the campaign contributions from these interested parties and see what happens.


I don’t think my pointing out that this will be a difficult battle and listing the reasons I see it as such warrants calling me a :cake:. Also, I’m not a CA resident so there is nothing my feet can do about it.

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This is going to kill the profits on one of the largest cash crops of Northern California. The upside is it will save its growers a ton of potential costs in legal fees, processing, distribution, and marketing.

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What about “wacky tobaccy”


Again, different states, different electorate. See @SBarsinister’s comment above for a well-parsed explanation. As long as the elderly vote at higher rates than younger voters, well-financed scare tactics work in California.

But keep on making assumptions.

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That’s silly. Special cautious language like that isn’t helpful.

Sure, tailor your conversations and language to your crowd. If you’re discussing this subject in a serious context then call it marijuana or cannabis if you feel it will help you, but for the most part weed had gone mainstream.

Approaching it as casually as is warranted is completely reasonable.