CBS won't say why it rejected a medical marijuana superbowl ad

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What are the chances they’d run an ad about the dangers of youth smoking the devil’s lettuce in legalized states?

I grew up during the dawn and heyday of DARE, and this all sounds like nothing new.


“I’m not saying it was Budweiser, the official beer sponsor of the NFL, but it was Budweiser, the official beer sponsor of the NFL”


Because CBS’s demographics start at an age number that adjusts to the number Super Bowl we’re on each year? :thinking:

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Clearly they don’t want to associate drug use with the NFL, which is a well-known model of clean-and-sober behaviour. /s


Maybe it’s because football fandom skews right of center, while weed fandom skews left of center, so they know it would piss off a nonzero fraction of the audience. Maybe they’re not saying because their reason isn’t a very good reason, and they know it.

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I’d presume that since the stuff is still a serious Federal felony and use or possession, especially in interstate commerce is going to be bad for your health, they followed their legal counsel’s advice to not stick their corporate **** into that particular pencil sharpener and start cranking it this week.

Bunch of “testimonies” about health benefits is of no value anyway. Hell, you can find people willing to spout off about how almost anything you care to name helped 'heal" them of one thing or another.

Out of curiosity, is the company wanting to pay for this in the business of sellingmedical pot? Or did someone wake up one morning and decide out of pure charity to drop enough money to buy houses for fifty homeless families or feed ten thousand people for a year on this ad?

I have had far scarier experiences riding the Metra home after a bears game than I have riding my $1200+ road bike through the “bad parts” of Chicagoland. Yes, the ones with all the shootings.

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Because the commercial skirts the line of making miracle-cure type claims, and is critical of current government policy against it (you can’t diss the government around the NFL - just ask Colin K)

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