Celebrate New Year's Eve with a friendly game of chess

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Yay, so lovely to see Phish-related material at Boing Boing.


I never thought of chess as a particularly sexy pursuit… but after watching The Queen’s Gambit, I’m on board for this!

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Phish via their Dinner and a Movie streams of previous shows and Trey’s live streams from the Beacon helped to brighten evenings in our house this year.
Trey Anastasio Band was one of the last shows we saw live in 2020 in Jan. Then we saw Karl Denson, then moe., then… the end of live music for now.
Had tix for Umphrey’s McGee on tap. Los Lobos, too.
I cannot wait for live music to return safely.


I know it’s extreme wishful thinking, but I’d love another Oysterhead album.

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