Phish's concept concert based on Disney's "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House"


Not to out myself as a hippie but I was wondering when Cory would catch wind of this.

just outed himself as a hippie

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Nice! I can picture a lot of these scenarios from the elevator. Here is a link to the official playbill for the evening, the meat of which is a funny fake history of the album. I’m sorry, but if you watched the video you now have elevated levels of satanic cholesterol.

Chilling Thrilling Phishbill

Glad they posted this, I dropped it on the recommend a link page, or whatever it’s called.

FYI, you can download the whole show in different digital formats from their page - including HD, lossless as well as MP3.
Or you could look for audience recordings for free. Should be plenty, they still allow it.
Anyhow, we saw this tour locally, and our show was great, but this one is really, really cool.
It was great hearing their work with the Haunted House stuff. I had that record as a kid. Worthy of the 12 bucks for the MP3 download for sure.
Set 3 Sand is a killer jam. :slight_smile:

I remember this album from the early 70’s. My sister and I used to listen to it over and over again acting out the scenes. On Halloween night my dad would play the sound fx only side on repeat with the speakers in our windows so the neighborhood could hear it. Love this album. Was thrilled to find it available in full on Youtube a couple years ago. Will have to give this Phish performance a listen.
Here’s the original album for anyone that hasn’t heard it:

Saw this about their Halloween show in Vegas

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