I really enjoy DJ R3X's 'Playlist #1' from Oga's Cantina at Disneyland

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I liked the bit when he momentarily shorted out in between tracks and started delivering dialog from his old gig as a “Star Tours” pilot.


I also confess I listen to this album quite a lot. Great coding music for me. The album is also available on your streaming service of choice. Here’s direct links that I can get to:


I hope to go either Oct this year or Feburary 2021.
To help save up money. I got some ‘gift cards’ from ebay to reload.
Full Metal Gift Cards/credit chip. They only sold them when GE opened in Disneyland…very limited.

Look for ones from sellers with a good rep, and specificaly state the security tab that hides the activation PIN is intact. Those no longer have any cash value (the people that bought them up drained all the cash attach…and are just selling the object, you can’t reload them without the PIN exposed) However it’s a gift card like any other and belongs to you to reload with cash and put in your Disney ‘wallet’ thingy to manage, once your expose the pin and put in money it’s yours. Also…it’s cool as heck.
About 12 dollars from ebay sellers. But get the ones with the security intact.
I like them so much I bought two.

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Great that you made it out, but it’s a shame that (I’m assuming) you weren’t able to go on the new ride that opens to the public on the 17th. I just got to take my dad on it for a special preview yesterday, and he had a blast.

After having very strict rules against taking photos or talking about the ride during construction and testing over the past couple years I’m finally allowed to share pictures, which is nice but still feels weird to me.


Of course, depending on your species, you are going to need a hypobaric chamber with a midi interface to get the true bass all the way down to 0.001 Hz, and at least a thousand tweeter screen at the top end before you start to get any fidelity on the sound hologram in the treble.

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