Incredible LEGO record store by artist Coop


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Terrific. I love the modular buildings.


Glad to see they still sell vinyl…


I see The Residents. Do you guys have any Snakefinger albums?


While shopping there, I asked the owner if he was in possession of any albums by Mojo Nixon, to which he replied that he was not. Upon hearing this, I wittily remarked that if his store lacked albums from this particular musical entertainer, it was in need of repair.


I LOLed at “20 Jazz Funk Greats.”



What? No Lords of Acid?

Here is the clean cover. He also did a much more detailed, double width version that is NSFW, so I won’t post it here.


You stole my Residents comment :wink:


That’s not an accurate model of an indie record store – the clerk appears to be friendly.


Thus committing a grievous sin in the eyes of most AFOL :laughing:

No but seriously thanks @pesco for a wonderful thing!


I will now sell five copies of The 3 EPs by the Beta Band:


Most definitely NOT a jazz funk album.


They are at the indie record stores I go in… :wink:




I also understand that there is some sort of sea-side dispensary of intoxicating drinks nearby which is not very particular as to the maturity of its patrons. Perhaps after visiting the store one could take a ride in my recently acquired (yet uninsured) sports car to this locale. It won’t be a problem if by happenstance we are involved in a traffic violation because my father has an office with quite some power in the city government.


One of the very rare instances of the movie being better than the book. Love that film.


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