Saturday is Record Store Day!


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What’'s a “record store”? For that matter, what’s a “record”?

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Can someone loan me a time machine so I can go back to the early 90s and find one of the last remaining indie record stores in my area?

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I almost forgot. I will have to go to Silver Platters and get some new tunes.

In the Worcester, Massachusetts area

in Upton, Massachusetts, check out The Nevermind Shop.

(Closed today, but specials next weekend…)

Other than as a collector’s item or nostalgia trip, records (LPs, and for that matter CDs) are long dead. I say this as a lover of music of many genres and as a musician who’s played in a wide variety of groups. Stop confusing the medium with the message. You might as well go out and support sellers of rotary-dial telephones.

Check out my RSD tribute at:

Most millennials probably assume that CD manufacture and reproduction is a purely digital process, and therefore superior in purity to the messy “cut and stamp” in that video, but they’d be surprised to see that CDs are made by pretty much the same process as vinyl records.

Shout out to the Spillers Records massive. Oldest record shop in the world. Allegedly.

He’s right! And while we’re at it, let’s get rid of those nasty old acoustic pianos! I’ve got a Roland 700NX, who needs the hassle? And drums? Heck, my little Korg BeatBoy here is just as good and WAY more efficient! And who needs vocalists, when I can just dial up “choir pad” on my synth? Say goodbye to microphones, baby! Come to think of it, I don’t even NEED all these instruments, or a studio, I can just do it all on my iPad! The message will be the same, right? Regardless of the medium?

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“It’s like an old-fashioned CD.”

“What’s a CD?”

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What I really despise is local restaurant week. Why should I support that when the national chains can make food so much more cheaply and faster? (interactive Flash) OR even mentioned it yesterday!

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