Vader Vinyl: Picturedisc reissue of Star Wars' OST, featuring a 33 1/3RPM Death Star

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$35 bucks is pretty good. I think anyways.


it’s two LPs. the image shows all 4 sides.

Looks like a screamin’ deal to me!


Right you are! Thanks.

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My dad has a limited edition RHPS record hanging on his wall.

I only noticed what this would look like mounted on a turntable spindle last month.


Seems like $33.33 would be more appropriate, though…



I wonder what the quality of the albums are? Seeing that it’s picture discs, I’m guessing 140/160g? It would be super rad if it were 180. But seeing as how there is absolutely no information on the product listing…

Nah. $11.38.


What makes it interesting to me is that it’s the original track listing that my old, beat-up, worn-out LP’s had and not the “special edition” soundtracks that are now sold. I love that album, as well as John Williams’ liner notes to each track. It was the soundtrack of my youth, together with James Horner’s soundtrack for Star Trek II. I learned to keep the LP’s as a sort of master and made tons of cassettes off of them.

Meh. I already have the 4 CD set from the 90s. I should be GTG.

That and I don’t have a record player, though I have picked up a handful of records of old Shadow Radio dramas, including a boxed set with horrible front art, but in mint condition from the early 80s.

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I’m gonna feel awful dumb for needing that explained, but… Mine was just “33 1/3” in decimal form, but if $11.38 was a reference, I didn’t get it.

There’s a bit of history with George Lucas and the number 1138.


Look up 1138. Or better, watch THX 1138. :wink:

I’d completely forgotten about THX 1138… and Google was no help at all when I searched for “11.38”.

Toldja I’d feel dumb for missing that.

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Ha. :slight_smile:

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