Fans de-Lucas original Star Wars, post a digitized 1977 35mm theatrical print


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Han shoots first, again!


Is there a rundown somewhere of how this compares to the “de-specialized” editions? Because “cut from low-quality DVD bonus features” is significantly underselling the both the experience and scope of the work that went into those.


Time for a rewatch, since the lasers aren’t all replaced with walkie talkies…


+1 to that
Heck, I have original VHSes of IV, V and VI, they’ve only been played a dozen times or less, and you know what, they’re perfectly fine! :slight_smile:
(Han shoots first every time I watch 'em.)



i would like to know this, too, particularly how this compares to Harmy’s version, which is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and moves me to tears, it’s so good.


I have the top box set, which I believe is the best copy you could get of the original film until now. They did port it ONE time to DVD, and those DVDs actually command a decent price on ebay/amazon.

So I am curious how this stacks up to the copy I have on disc.


Had to be done.

It’s not perfect but I hope Lynne Truss would approve.


Grain and waviness, okay, but nobody likes the matte boxes. That was the thing that most mystified me about Lucas’ remasters. You take the effort to add in all this new CGI but leave these crappy artifacts that didn’t even need to be there in the first place? It’s like adding motion blur to a Harryhausen movie but not fixing the gamma differences between the live action and stop motion.


So what does “de-Lucas” mean? Are you implying that the original version was not made by George Lucas?


It means removing his later “improvements.”


You totally Lucased that quote!


I do of course understand that. It is the word I take issue with. Calling the original version “de-Lucased” sounds an awful lot like Stalin removing Trotsky from all official photographs. He made the movies you love, and there’s no point in pretending otherwise, no matter how much you hate the guy.


Looks like Rob is trying to de-Cory this post:



I just want to start an argument about who apostrophed first.


It’s been heavily rumored that Disney’s prepping Blu-Rays of the original theatrical films. My guess would be after Ep. 7 goes on sale – possibly this Christmas? We’ll see!


fine, then call it the defucked version.



Just to clarify: Han didn’t ever shoot first. He’s the only one who shot. Greedo never knew what hit him.