Original Star Wars trilogy may become available on Blu-Ray


Is this even possible? Disney owns the IP, but they don’t own the distribution rights. That’s all Fox, and forever for the first one. They are on the record as saying they will never cross George Lucas while he still breathes and that guy says the Special Editions are the only ones he wants out there. I am not believing these rumors until I see a more credible source for them.

Basketball was a peaceful planet.


They’re doing an Empire Strikes Back now too?

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I have the Harmy’s Blu Rays, and watch in the Machete Order twice a year - Yes, it would be fantastic to have the Blu Rays from Disney, but the Harmy versions would be pretty hard to beat. I think the only thing that would get me to buy would be commentary from the original cast, a photo album of pretty exclusive images, and maybe an easter egg that has the original Christmas Special.

If they wanted to really do it right, Have some current look-back documentaries from some of the key players talking about the making of. We’ve already seen so much of this, but Disney could do it right with archival footage and current footage blended together.


I don’t know… If Disney wants something bad enough, the timeline reshapes itself to comply.


the ways they devised to extort money from the fans are amazing!

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He’s already released DVDs of the original versions. I think they’re from the master for one of the laserdisc releases. Plus if Fox won’t go against George’s wishes while George lives, I think Disney knows exactly what to do.

I do hope that if this is for real that they hire the people who worked on Harmy’s versions. The colour correction on the existing Bluray releases is just terrible.


If Disney actually does this, I will finally feel comfortable parting with my old VHS copies. :wink:

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So the pic is from something called Hardware Wars? Is this worth watching?

As for the re-release, I am certain that it is quite impossible to release anything that some large proportion of fans will not decry as a scandalous crime against all that is good and pure.


“Hardware Wars - You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss 3 bucks good-bye!”

I loved it when I was kid, don’t know if I could make it through it now. It was on a rental VHS with parodies of Close Encounters and Apocalypse Now.


This seems unlikely, though not impossible, given that Fox owns the rights to episode IV in perpetuity.

The cost of overcoming that problem is surely minimal to Disney.


It’s just a reprise of what The Digital Bits said back in May, except peppered with a claim of anonymous sources. The Digital Bits piece - http://thedigitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/051914_0010

I still will only watch the series on my very well worn VHS tapes that my brother made from the original laserdisc editions. Knowing him, he still has the laserdiscs somewhere although I’m sure the player is in a galaxy far, far away by now.

George’s band of rebel lawyers is insignificant next to the power of the Mouse.


We have both the Blu Rays and the Harmy AVCHD version. It’s actually fun to watch both with the kids and let them spot the differences.

To be fair, there are SOME improvements in the Blu Rays. The sound is better and I like the shockwave thingees when planets and death stars 'splode. But all the extra creatures, extra scenes, Greedo shooting first? No thanks. And give me Yub Nub darnit!!

[quote=“Jorpho, post:10, topic:39362, full:true”]
So the pic is from something called Hardware Wars? Is this worth watching?[/quote]

I actually managed to get a DVD of Hardware Wars over a decade ago. Mr. “Bass” linked the YouTube version – a good substitute if you can’t find it on DVD.

The funny thing is that my DVD version has about two seconds of full frontal nudity at around the 11:15 mark (mixed in with the “Death Star” schematics) that are missing in the YouTube version. You are not missing much, but I wonder what the story is, since the YouTube is called “The Original Version.”

You… you want the Christmas Special?

Shame about the color timing. Special editions and blurays should be an opportunity to finally “get it right” in terms of presenting the film in its original form. For instance, This much variation among versions of Dune is absolutely aggravating

Gee. Is there some particular meticulously-constructed fan edit of Dune out there, too? I’d like to watch that one of these days.