Harmy's Despecialized Editions are the best copies of the original Star Wars movies

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The ‘making of’ video is good also.


Your text is a little off Cory. There are not mixes of the DVDs. Harmy has used everything from BluRays of the Special Edition to 16 and 35mm prints of the original films to create these superior products. He is even had to recreate a few wipes here and there to make it perfect. I think only in RotJ’s case is he using a DVD for some scenes (the 1.0 version of Jedi I have has a composite shot of the Sarlac pit from the DVD superimposed over the bluray to hide the stupid beak)


Make sure to watch everything in Machete Order! :grin:



Nice! Been watching this version with my son in that order though I’ve augmented it to include the cartoon from the Holiday Special (introduces Boba Fett). So long Phantom Menace, maybe we’ll revisit it when my son is 21 (a long time from now). Anybody know which of the fan edits of the prequels that are worth watching?

did Harmy do Empire and ROTJ too? because his Star Wars is incredible, and is now my favorite version. worth every second it took for me to get it.


I don’t know specifically if Harmy did RotJ or Empire, but there certainly are very high quality despecialized editions of those two as well, and they bear the same style of coverart as the Harmy edition of Star Wars.

Upon brief usage of the electric computing machine, I can verify that the despecialized editions I have on my rig at home of Empire and RotJ are both from Harmy and the 1.0 versions. I guess I’ll have to download the latest despecialized versions when I get off work.

Harmy has done all three as v1.0
Currently: v2.5 of ANH, v2.0 of ESB and is working on v2.0 for ROTJ. He hopes to have out in time for Ep 7 this year.


Harmy is the man

edit: this url was in a file in my folder with the movies

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Seriously Cory, this “DVD” business is so incorrect/incomplete as to be kind of insulting. Please consider correcting it, you’re totally misrepresenting what these are (and for many people, these are the best available video releases of the films, ever).


How do you know which version you have? I seem to have renamed mine, and there’s no bumper or anything.

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wow, awesome news – thanks for the update!

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[quote=“L_Mariachi, post:12, topic:57759, full:true”]How do you know which version you have? I seem to have renamed mine, and there’s no bumper or anything.[/quote]The download pages should have the CRC/SHA/etc. hashes, so you can check that way.

Check the end credits. At the very end there should be some notice which version you have.

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Coverart was bundled with the video files in the torrent, and they all have the “despecialized” cover art, but the art doesn’t say which version they are. Later cover art does say the version number. Also: the audio tracks in the MKV files match only the v1.0 editions, in that they just have standard English (component mixes) and Czech (plus an English track in Descriptive audio for the Blind). Later editions of the despecialized editions come with many more languages, and even commentary tracks.

Although, IIRC, I actually have V2.0 of Empire now that I look at it. But definitely V1.0 for Star Wars and RotJ.

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Yeah, my Star Wars end credits just say “Star Wars Despecialized Edition Harmy MMXI”

The other two also say “Harmy MMXI”

And now I’m very sad. I apparently stripped the alternative audio out to save space… Now I really have to redownload the new editions.

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Those are definitely v1.0s

The newer ones are well worth the bandwidth.


Those new editions are GIGANTIC, like the actual size of a Blu-Ray rip. But I have fiber, and a VPN, so, let the good times roll.


well they basically ARE blu-ray rips, or at least the closest thing to that the despecializers could manage.

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