Celebrate Public Domain Day with a viewing of Cecil B Demille's 1923 epic "The Ten Commandments"


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What do you want to bet that these new public domain works continue to be taken down from sites like Youtube due to Google’s automated copyright bots?


“The film shows his unchecked immorality to be momentarily gainful, but ultimately disastrous.”

So - quit the immorality after you get the cash?


If there’s one thing we know from Creationists, it’s that every non-believer makes a deathbed conversion.

So either Yahweh is playing his believers for suckers, or they’re all doomed for the slightest infraction anyway. Given that, why not have some fun whilst testing the hypothesis?




LOVE the lettering on those those intertitles!

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I just want to say, in my opinion, the parting of the Red Sea is more awe-inspiring in this version than the 1956 one.

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Curious as to when the music score was recorded for this Archive.org copy - the film itself is in PD but the score, man, the score.


…to break every one of them and rise to the top. The film shows his unchecked immorality to be momentarily gainful, but ultimately disastrous.

He ended up President of the US.


“I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille, it got pretty gritty.” ~The Waco Kid


I came across a 1908 paper that was paywalled today. I was able to download it in the end because I had access, but copyright expiration doesn’t mean bupkis if access to the information is controlled.

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