Celebrate the classic Breakout, and then rethink the term 'empathy games'

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I agree with Anna Anthropy that there’s something frustrating about games that treat consciousness-raising as an overt achievement-- rescue the princess, empathise with a trans person, collect 100 coins, acknowledge injustice, reach the exit portal. It promotes the same kind of map/territory confusion that leads to people saying, without irony, stuff like “my actions can’t be racist, because I’m not a racist!” Games can communicate genuine stuff, but it’s not as simple as taking a Mario level and replacing the flag with a sign that says “congratulations! You understand women now”.

That said, her linked post is, erm, a little insane. She seems to be saying that people are assholes for paying attention to her previous work, in much the same way that authors of beginner crochet books are enraged by the thought of anyone being a beginner at crochet. And then for some reason she goes out of her way to bring the Israel-Palestine conflict into it. I’m still not sure if it was some kind of Gamergate hoax.

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dang, i was just hoping for a kool breakout link

It’s all about DX-Ball.


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This gives me an idea…


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