Celebrating 30 years of COMMANDER KEEN

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If you buy the Steam version, apparently you can copy out the program files and run them with DOSBox on Mac. The Steam version will also run under WINE, if you’re so inclined. The demo is up on Archive.org


Apparently super influential on my later life - Commander Blaze seems fitting.

Don’t forget the original Duke Nukem as well. It was essentially the same game, just with different sprites and backgrounds, but obviously ran on the same engine.


Loved all these games, and completed them all on my fathers 386 25mhz with 90mb hard drive (didn’t even need to press the ‘turbo’ button on the from that would have overclocked it to … gasp… 33mhz!

They had great humour, perfectly balanced gameplay, and beautiful sprites.


I had hours of fun playing Commander Keen at a friend’s house. It reminded me of a Calvin & Hobbes “Spaceman Spiff” comic turned into a game. CK had good game play, nice looking graphics, and a humorous narrative. I was thrilled to find it in the Steam store for a few bucks and have learned how terrible I actually am at the game :smiley:


They also did a 2D side scrolling Duke Nukem as I recall… so it’s been 2D, 2.5D and 3D!

I remember playing Duke Nukem Forever almost out of spite. I guess it wasn’t as bad as it could have been? It was better than… Daikatana? :woman_shrugging:


You can also use the files from steam in Commander Genius, which is available for Mac.

I also found some files in the wayback machine, but I haven’t yet tested them. They used to be on dosclassics.com/keen.

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Keen attacks frivolos zaxx

Thanks! That looks like a better option. (For anyone else who’s interested, and is similarly having trouble with Sourceforge, you can find the files and releases with a bit less info at https://gitlab.com/Dringgstein/Commander-Genius/)

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