Quake is 25 years old

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Older than that.


Damn, I’m old.


I loved playing the shareware version of the game. I wish more games were released that way.


What a great game. I was hooked right from the start and kept at it through the other iterations that came along as well. Multiplayer versions of this and the subsequent ones were so fun.


Although it was hardly the first true 3D game, it ended up being the basis for a lot of modern gaming, with some game engines today being direct descendants of it. It feels a bit strange that you can literally see its influence on contemporary games in a number of ways, in some cases because they’re still using bits of Quake, e.g.:

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I find this fact cruel and unnecessary. We must stop saying how old things are.


That CD spent nearly as much time in my discman as it did in my PC.

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Quake was cool, but I was too busy playing Marathon. One of those things where the OS probably had as much to do with what I played as did the game; Marathon was available 3 years before Quake on Mac


Was about to say the same…

Descent was the first 3D FPS with 6 degrees of freedom afaik, and it was the game that got me to betray my beloved Amiga for my first PC. I even bought an expensive joystick designed for flight simulators just to play it better. Commodore eventually changed from bitplane graphics to chunky but it was too late, and the release of the DirectX libraries for Windows 95 made the PC the games platform most developers targeted


Descent was awesome. I have very different memories of Descent and Quake. Quake I played at home, alone, way too late at night. On a slightly underpowered computer. I remember it as gloomy and dark and genuinely scary. Descent I played at the university computerlab in deathmatch mode. Endless fun blasing eachother to pieces.

I tried playing descent in dosbox recently, but I had to quit in about 3 minutes due to instantenous motion sickness.

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Computer Space turned 25 the year Quake was released.

I played Doom and Wolfenstein, but I was never a Quaker…

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