Mod turns Quake into a lovely walking simulator

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And suddenly Quake sales see a bump. Suspicious executives investigate, and have the lawyers send a C&D letter.


I mean, Quake is the progenitor of the whole “build a bunch of multiplayer maps and slap them together with enemies for a single player game.” As far as brown goes, I think id software was just in love with the color. From Wolfenstein 3D onwards they have always used a lot of brown.


I have no idea how it came into my possession, but I had a copy of Quake back in probably '97. Lived alone in a little house, worked weird hours and didn’t have money to do anything fun in my free time. This game was a welcomed friend. Played it entirely with the keyboard on a PC a coworker built for me out of spare parts for $100.

I finished it, except for never being able to put down the final blob monster. After I’d exhausted all the monsters in its chamber, I’d hammer on it until I was out of ammo but it never died. I went so far once as to weigh down the space bar on my keyboard and went off to work with my character axing away at the blob for ten hours. Still nothing. Never figured out why.

Anyway, while I’m not any kind of a gamer I have fond memories of Quake and this walk through was a very cool experience. It’s been 20 years and while watching this I knew every corner, every button, where every monster would pop out.

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Had to look this up. Turns out you were doing it wrong:

So when you go through the gate you reappear wherever the spikey orb thing is? And the trick is simply to time it to get inside the slimy tentacle blob?

  1. I guess it’s possible that I just never figured that out. And as the boss “bleeds” when you shoot it, I figured it was a question of applied violence.

  2. I figured out every single button, passageway and trick that there was to this game. How could I have not figured out that final step? Is it at all possible that I was experiencing some kind of bug? (forgive my technical ignorance if this is a laughable question).

Yeah. I think it wouldn’t take long to realise you teleport to wherever the spikey orb thing is but to me at least, I wouldn’t think of trying to teleport inside the boss. I mean, that would surely kill you, right? Chances are you thought the same.

And yeah, the fact it bleeds when you shoot it suggests you’re causing damage but maybe that was a red herring. Usually though there’s some indication that you’re weakening a big boss like that whereas this one doesn’t seem to care.

In Doom, when you transport to where another player is standing, they explode. It was one of our favorite ways to kill someone in Deathmatch. I don’t remember doing it in Quake.

There was a time when I might have been interested in this mod. I played a lot of Doom and a fair amount of Quake 1-4. Not anymore, though.

There are a number of quite beautiful and atmospheric Quake levels and mods; many are available here if you have the game. (

Here are some examples:

This one is based on the Ayleid ruins from Oblivion:


Oh yeah, a telefrag, of course! So back in the Quake days it probably would have been obvious to a lot of players that that’s how you kill the boss. Completely forgotten about that but I’m not sure if I ever completed the first Quake.

Quake III Arena (Threewave) on the other hand…

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Those are very nice. Thanks for the information.

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