I made Quazatron papercraft

Quazatron is a classic ZX Spectrum game, a re-imagining of Paradroid. You, as a droid named KLP 2, are tasked to destroy the inhabitants of underground robot cities of planet Quartech. You can do it using your weapons, or by defeating the enemies in logic combat (you can also interface their chassis, power units, weapons and special items this way).
The game looked like this (KLP 2 is the smiling guy in the middle):

But you really need to see it in motion to appreciate the effort that was put into animating KLP 2 (also known as Klepto, because of his habit to appropriate other droids’ parts).
I’ve searched for papercraft models of this character on the Internet, but found nothing, so I decided to do it myself.
I’ll spare you the story, but here’s how it turned out:

And here’s the model assembled:

(You may want to leave the head unglued to the body ― friction holds it quite well, and that way you can rotate the head or put it deeper in the hull, as Klepto often does in the game.)


I remember Paradroid '90…

First game I had on my Amiga.

Game idea was the same, but Quazatron and Paradroid series looked very different, as you can see.
I liked how in original Paradroid, the number 001 your robot had at the beginning kinda looked like a face, but I believe this detail is gone in Paradroid 90.

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