Origami meets robots in a book of 46 DIY glowbots

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I saw this while I was doing my xmas shopping and nearly bought a copy (but I’d already bought too many gifts for myself), because the original Papertoy Monsters book was amaze. For the record I don’t care whether stuff glows in the dark.

Not Origami, Kirigami would be closer but not even that, papercraft is the term i’ve heard.

I’m the opposite. I think pretty much anything that glows is neat. I’d buy the Brooklyn Bridge if it Glowed.

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Neat. Now my cat’s poop will glow.

I had a paint by numbers Darth Vader poster that came with some glow paint for his light saber. By the time I was done painting everything else I owned with it, there was none left for his sword.

And that’s what turned me evil.*

  • Which makes more sense than the prequels’ reason did.

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