Origami hand: "a disposable robot hand" made from folded paper

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/08/multiple-origami-2.html


Awesome. Sounds like a villain from “Blade of the Immortal”.


I guess it should have been obvious that the Japanese would have the first paper robots.

Also, oh my god, that music – How It’s Made needs to start getting a tad more trippy, cuz this I’m down with.

seems closer to kirigami, but still very neat. i wonder if this could be adapted for prosthetics and if it would be even cheaper than the LEGO or 3D printed options i’ve seen

But can it run on popcorn?

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This is certainly a Wonderful Thing in my estimation. Can’t wait for the pop-up book version that reaches out and grabs your attention - or nose.

I want it, I actually have practical uses for it, and I can have it!

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