Origami keyboard


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/29/origami-keyboard.html


It being Reddit, someone was soon along to inform the creator that his work was kirigami, not origami.

Knowing this you still chose to title the post as Origami Keyboard. That’s just willful ignorance.


And yes, I like the feeling of paper under my fingertips.

That’s nice.


Waiting for someone to post a 25 min ASMR video of typing on a paper keyboard. Slight sharp scraping noises…


Or real sloppy proofreading…

Don’t know which is worse.


Or trolling grammar/spelling Nazis.


Sigh. Someone has to be that guy… Might as well be me.

It’s not grammar or spelling. Origami ≠ kirigami. Origami is the art of folding a rectangular sheet of paper without making any cuts (some modern designs require some cutting but that’s cheating) while kirigami is explicitly cutting paper as “kiri” means cut and “kami” means paper.

If one really wanted to be a dick about it, it’s technically papercraft because kirigami doesn’t typically involve glue.


It’s @beschizza. It was trolling.


Naturally. Still waiting for a “I’m disappointed in BB/Rob” post


It says right there that it’s Keyrigami.


Harsh, dude! :smiley:

@beschizza is making paper keyrings, “Keyringami”, then? Japanese is easier than I imagined! :smiley:


I can get behind good wordplay/puns


I love the look of it and I would probably like the feel of paper under my fingertips. but I tend to hit keys hard (as helpful co workers have pointed out) so it probably wouldn’t work for me :weight_lifting_man:


There is now also a GitHub project


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