How to make an origami umbrella that opens and closes

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The use of scissors makes it papercraft, rather than origami. Still neat, though.


IIRC, the Japanese term for origami that incorporates cutting is kirigami.


Wait, multiple sheets, scissors and glue? Yep, that’s papercraft, not origami…

Might as well call any regular umbrella ‘origami’…


Bedsheets, sheep-shears, a glassblowing kiln and wide sandalwood planks with reinforcing carbon fiber, that we call Gu.
Saves hauling the keyboard around with you to play the piano accomaniment, though. Waxed-paper harmonica?

Judy + Mary albums for accompaniment have just the right challenge level, too.

Alternatively, these and a bottle of White Out?

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This article and headline are factually wrong. BoingBoing should correct it.

As cubby said, this is kirigami, not origami. These are clearly defined terms.

It may seem trivial, but in today’s “fake news” environment, I think all online communicators should take responsibility and never knowingly propagate any factual errors.

If it’s too much trouble to edit the post, then take it down, dammit.

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