Lego r2d2




I’d just like to point out that back in the day we had to build our R2 units out of the only blocks we had - the 2x4 size. And there were no white blocks. And when two of our three blocks were stuck together, we had to pull them apart with our teeth. And then they’d slip in our drool covered hands and the sharp edges would turn us to grimacing Gwynplaines. And we’d scream with pain and continue building until all three blocks were used up and we had a figure that resembled R2D2 not in the least. Uphill. Both ways. In the snow. With wolves nipping at our heels.


Wolves nipping at your heels!? Luxury. We were eaten by wampa. Only by using the sharp edges of the Lego pieces were we able to escape from the wampa stomach. Then we had to sew our various body parts back together with thread made from wampa guts and needles made from wampa claws.


I’d kill for wolf bites. I was caught in a Tauntaun stampede and one of the bastards yanked the onion off my belt.


“We were eaten by wampa.”

Oh, how lucky! We often dreamed about being eaten by a wampa while we were slowly being digested in the digestive tract of the Sarlacc over 100 years.


This is a droid I’ve been looking for!


@jlw The lever on the back is for deploying R2’s third/middle ‘foot’, and not the cutting tool or I/O probe. Both of those tools have little hatches you can open, then swing the tools out (they’re a little fiddly though as they don’t ‘stay’ deployed).

It’s a tremendously fun build though!


I got one over a year ago for my 40th birthday. Enjoyed every minute of putting it together. Now I want the Death Star!


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