Melt in your mouth LEGOs


If you’re planning on building something larger than a Space Invader alien, you may wish to use Candy Blox instead.

Me, I’m waiting for white chocolate breadboards. Wire-wrapped with red, blue, and green string licorice.


Presumably less painful to step on, too. But more disappointing to do so.

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For the scene witnesses? :stuck_out_tongue:

So his molding process is good enough to capture the brand embossed on the studs. That doesn’t entitle him to call them Lego bricks. And if The Lego Group lets him keep doing it, they can lose their exclusive use of the name. Which would make me sad. Stop calling them Legos, dammit!

A lego brick by any other production method and any other manufacturer is still a lego brick. No army of language-appropriating lawyers can make it otherwise.

As long as they insist on calling them ‘legos’ then that’s just dandy. I’m sure I don’t need to point out that the plural of lego is lego. (although given that it’s littered throughout this page, maybe I do?)

So ‘legos’ could be the chocolate off-brand.

In most cases, I really couldn’t care less if we call a product aspirin or brassiere or xerox, or any number of other names that have or are in danger of losing their trademark status. But the little plastic bricks that The Lego Group makes, still look and feel different-Better! than the little plastic bricks made by their competitors. One day Kreo or Tente or Megabloks may successfully reverse engineer what makes a Lego click the way it does, and I will drop my brand loyalty in a heartbeat. But until that trade secret is broken, the Lego tradmark still matters, and I will gnash my teeth every time somebody gets it wrong.

It’s not a trade secret, it’s the precision of the moulds. The tolerances are tighter than what the competitors have (so it costs more to do so they don’t do it) and the number of rejects is higher (so the competitors don’t do it) and internal QC is more thorough (which the competitors also don’t do).

…and what’s wrong with the world full of different legos that are compatible with The Lego?

The story I heard, was that when the metal moulds ate finally worn out, TLG disposes of them by throwing them in whatever concrete pour is being done at their theme parks. They seem pretty serious about not wanting g these designs shared.

As for the knock-offs, I buy them too! Sometimes I’ll want to cut and glue bricks, don’t wanna use the good stuff for that. There’s plenty of room for the competition, I just don’t want them to be able to use that single four letter name.

Use the full capitalization, add [tm], or the prefix “the”; there’s a plethora of ways to distinguish The Real One.

I was really just having a jab at the use of the word ‘Legos’ :wink:

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