The existential dilemma posed by Lego crayons

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Those are pretty neat. Though I think I prefer my Tetris soft and hairy.


The Lego Group has been playing with its own branding for a long time. The basic 2x4 brick used to be its single most recognizable image, but then competing brands diluted that icon beyond recognition.

Lately its been the minifig been elevated to iconic status, with their custom blind bags attaining almost beanie-baby levels of collectibility.

But when they changed their basic grey color in 2004, it laid the foundation for a whole new axis of collectability. The new colors since then have defined the brand almost as much as the studs and socket clutch.

Competitors like megabloks haven’t taken the bait, their pigments are in no way comparible with Lego colors, once you get away from black and white and the basic tints…

…So Crayons are a natural extension of that color theme. And there are officially made Lego branded silicon molds if you want to melt your crayons into brick shapes or minifig shapes.

…which makes me think soap should be the next medium to get moulded into this format…


Maybe I didn’t get to them, but I’m surprised none of the pictures show stacking the crayons and drawing with them as a stack to get stripes. That would be a fun way to use them, and they’d still be stackable until you wore through the connecting bits.
They look neat, though.


Yeah, way to get a kid distracted at a restaurant and into the idea of coming back.

[Louise from Bob’s Burgers:] I’m burnin’ this joint. No soft-serve, no quarter.


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