LEGO Art announces new posters: Warhol, Beatles, Iron Man, and Star Wars sets

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These look great; did it take the pandemic to mashup Lego and puzzle in to one product, or were these in development before we knew of COVID-19?

I loved lightbrite as a kid. Always got new pegs and papers in my stocking for Christmas (or whichever older or younger sibling who was age appropriate at the time did. It was especially fun on those winter days when you could go outside and it pitch black outside by 4:pm.

This looks similar, but without the lite and brite.


I wonder how much they will cost? I tried making some LEGO® mosaics of my employer’s icons once, and it was not cheap—and they were a lot smaller than these with fewer colors.

I don’t care about the branded content, but as a medium, I love it. I’ve had similar ideas but bulk-buying a ton of 1x1 or 2x2 Lego™ bricks (or even the indistinguishable knockoffs) is somewhere between insanely expensive and impossible at any price.

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