Rolls of Lego tape!


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Stickum? This is a violation of all things LEGO.

And it needs to get off my lawn.


You know, there’s using excessively fidgety little custom Lego pieces to solve a building problem, and then there’s cheating, like this.


Colors other than bright red, bright blue, bright yellow, dark green, white, black, or gray. This is a violation of all things LEGO.


at first i was appalled at the use of TAPE with LEGO.

But the idea is growing on me. I could cover my entire car in lego, and use lego in other typically non-lego places. okay they have my attention.

Now all i have to do is win the lottery, since LEGO is up there with inkjet ink and gold as far as pricing goes.


I was recently directed to Goodwill’s online auction site where donation centers from around the country auction off higher-value items such as artwork, antiques, jewelry, etc… I haven’t bid on anything yet, but I have seen mixed lots of LEGO go for as little as $1/lb, plus shipping.


that is an amazing price. i sense an ebay business being born.


This is where Schisms start…

Orthodox Lego-city - THIS IS BLASPHEMOUS

Reformed Lego-city - Certain Colors of this are BLASPHEMOUS

Evangelical Lego-city - Provided the sticky side is not applied to another Lego, this is acceptable


So seriously though, will Lego try to block this? Or just make a competing product?

You could take that tape, put those thin magnet strips on the back, and bam, long tracks for your white board or fridge that are removable.


I doubt it. So long as these folks don’t start calling it “LEGO Tape” (if other people call it LEGO tape that’s fine) they fall into the same legally protected area that Mega Blocks, Kreo, and other “building blocks compatible with major brands” fall into


Now, is it less or more painful to stand on a legoes if it’s rolled up in a cylinder?


I see what you did there.


Heathens one and all!


I am so naturally funny I did that with out meaning to.




Why not both?




DIY carpet



If it doesnt hurt your feet when you step on it, it aint LEGO.