Mona Lego


I don’t think you could actually make a Lego composition like that in real life unless they’ve drastically expanded their range of brick colors recently.

You can spray paint them quite easy if you have to.

Takes me way back. BBG 1K Competition: Tiny Mona

ketone and solvent dye

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Very pretty. I like it.

Yeah, it’s computer graphics, it has nothing to do with Lego. It would have been trivial to restrict the color palette of the icon’s pixels to actual Lego brick colors (prior to putting the Lego logo on top of each pixel). The results might be less striking when using Lego bricks instead of millions of colors, but I doubt Lego’s identity/marketing dept would approve ads that ignore Lego’s colors and depict the product falsely. OTOH, since Lego has nothing to do with these, I guess everyone wins. :slight_smile:

There. I fixed it for you.


Also, I just realized just how iconic the picture really is.

You can actually get pretty impressive results with their limited color palette if you increase the resolution.


There are also Q elements for some of the “fleshy” colors that are mostly used in the Legoland parks for the miniland people.

This colors palets gave idea to me to build a new flower bed.

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