Death Star rug




The plans for this?

Main computer maybe?


That rug really ties the Empire together.


How many Bothans had to die to bring you that rug?


Dammit. $30 to ship to Canada. Sigh…


That’s no rug!


None. But the deplorable conditions the once-proud polyesters are raised in, until they are brutally clubbed and skinned for their fibers, would deplore you.

Here’s another shot showing one of their sadistic, grinning captors shoving another suffering creature into a fattening pen:

Sadly, the wild polyester is nearly extinct and their native habitats primarily overrun with Applebee’s (in certain regions Taco John’s). The likelihood of establishing a viable population outside of captivity is ever more remote.


A picture of someone on such rug, showing bare glutea maxima.
“That’s not a moon!”


Is this battle station fully operational?


Don’t bring this into the Antilles’ home. It’ll give grampa Wedge flashbacks to one of the two times he had to help destroy this thing.


I have bought this rug. Pray I do not buy it further.

I find your lack of faith in the Floors disturbing.


Some damn wookie peed on the rug.


Her life is in your hands, Dude.


Dude, Wookie is not the preferred nomenclature. Furried-Kashyyyk, please.


@MikeKStar, this isn’t a village elder here,
this is a guy…
@MikeKStar, he peed on my rug.


Personally I find it quite endorable.


It’s not the years it’s the milea… oh sorry wrong one.


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