Rugs woven/squirted from extruded extruded urethane foam

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100% natural!

[note sarcasm]

Isn’t crude oil natural? And, by extension, the polymers too?


Delicious too, I hear!

Yes please? Those are easily the ugliest rugs I have ever seen, and I have stayed at a few motels.


Have you seen this?


What was that squirted from?

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I like them

it’s definitely organic

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Could be worse.

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That’s some quite crappy art.

What’s surprising is that it’s a) called art, and b) somebody likely paid money for that.

I dunno, I rather like the choice of colors on the diagonal one, although the dark gray it’s laid over top of does a lot to unify it. It makes me think of braided rag rugs, some of which were pretty homely in my opinion.

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