Grass sprouted in worn Persian rugs


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Wrong kind of grass.

Neat though.


I had an apartment that kinda had the same thing happen…

ETA: It did not smell amazing at all.


Craigslist ad: I will be away for two weeks, need a neighbor to come and water my rugs while I’m gone.


Austrian artist using Persian rugs for an installation at a Korean art exhibit in the UK. Huh?


Had some mushrooms sprout from an old door mat once. True fact. Disgusting, it was.


They really tie the room together.


You didn’t have to taste it!


I’ve seen installations that use grass indoors before and they did smell but it was not pleasant.


Bleah! Actually a repairman from one of the ex-USSR states visited, and actually tasted one of the other mushrooms in our yard. Fortunately he did so while leaving, so I could go back in the house and be physically appalled.


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