Red carpet: rug made from slaughterhouse images


“images from Pakistan’s slaughterhouse.”

The one slaughterhouse in Pakistan?

As opposed to the traditional Afghan “10 tank” pattern.

I’m having a difficult time finding any close ups???

that will really tie the room together


yikes, you asked for it:

I was wondering how someone managed to weave explicit, gory abbatoir scenes into a real rug; then I find out that it’s another photomosaic, only in a rug format. A little disappointing.

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Awesome carpet plan for the 7200dpi ‘retina display’ crowd. You and I might spec it in the Google Art project (zooooom) or with nicer setpieces and macro photography, a little tilt-shift, and spend some time picking an ungulate’s wool; but we’d be upstaged by the choreographed catering drones the country produces on the same timeline. Pakistan probably doesn’t need more than one slaughterhouse itself…

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