Chewbacca rugs




Oh, no! Poor Chewbacca, think of his family.


Looks nice, but I’m only interested if it is available with matching drapes…

…or maybe if there is a merkin version…


Sure, it looks good in a nice, clean room full of Star Wars stuff, with a woman dressed in a Leia costume lounging on it, but imagine yourself in the picture, looking as you do when you’re watching TV, and all your living room clutter arrayed around you…and it’s kind of underwhelming.

Oh, I’m sorry. You’re a 29 year old woman who dresses in a flowing white Leia outfit everyday. Well, then, my hat is off to you, madam.


Is it just me or is R2 staring at Leia’s butt?

Woah, what if all of that whistling was really R2 sexually harrasing Leia the whole time :-0


To me that rug looks less like a dead Chewbacca with bandolier and more like a dead roadkill wookie with tire tracks on its back, but either way I think it’s more something for Darth Vader’s room than Leia’s.


You mean the ones from the Star Wars Holiday Special? They deserve whatever they get.


I am unsurpassed that, that racist bitch has a wookie rug.

Fuck Leia.


I feel sorry for the tiny wookie on the couch, who’s going to be scarred for life.


These are not the rugs I’m looking for. I was honestly expecting something like this:


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