Papercraft R2-D2 dreidel


i had a little dreidel , i made it out of clay !! and , when it’s dry and ready , then dreidel i shall play !!


I only see half of the dreidel image in the PDF file. Is my Mac broken? It opens hundreds of other PDF files OK.

This is a pretty cool little thing but … does R2D2 maintain full functionally throughout Shabbat?


It opens fine in Adobe Reader for Mac, but it’s cropped in Preview.

I just figured a Droid would make a convenient Shabbos goy for the times when Orthodox Jews are forbidden from turning on the hyperdrive themselves.


Cute droidel. Just the thing for Robanukah. :smile:


Indeed. Bender even has a droidel.

The arms ensure that Bender always wins.


Can we get a Boing Boing Title Generator?

  • Papercraft R2-D2 Dreidel
  • 3D-printed Bacon Leggings
  • Hand-knit R. Crumb Drone
  • Letterpress Tom Waits Arduino

My favorite version of the dreidel song:

Doesn’t display right in Safari either.

Safari and Preview (and the ipad equivalents) share the same basic renderer. Adobe Products use their own codebase, which, though slower, uglier, and more memory intensive, is sometimes more accurate.

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