Quake on me: classic shooter rendered with pencil sketch filter

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Quaaaake ooooooon meeeeee (Quake on me)
Quaaaake meeeee oooooooon (Quake on me)
Iiiiiiii’ll beeeeee gooooooone
in a round or- twoooooooooo


Excellent soundtrack choice. Now all they need to do is replace the Grunts and Enforcers with a pack of generically featured, wrench wielding motorcyclists and they’ll have something. Making the warp gates into mirrors would be awesome too, as would gender swapping the protagonist for the girl in the video. I know I’d play it.


Excellent work. I can hear the synth trills in my head and everything.


This is what you’re looking for:



It’s shocking how well I remember that level, even after all these years.

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Been forever since I’ve had a machine capable of a good FPS, but I remember that a few entries in the Far Cry series had various art/cartoon render options.

An ancient game that took the drawing and used it to cover the limitations of the old 2d Doom engine that I really loved was ZPC. Design by Brute, and music by the Barkers (Ministry, Pigface).


Firing away
I’ll be coming for your guts, okay?

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I kept waiting for Morten Harket to pop out.

Exactly what I was thinking of. Not the Doom engine, but actually Bungie’s Marathon 2 engine. I understand it was rather terrible, aside from the aesthetics.

The other thing that comes to mind is Hotel Dusk and Last Window for the Nintendo DS. They had to resort to laborious rotoscoping.


Right, I’d forgotten that! I remember the game as being pretty hard, but otherwise had a lot of great ideas, and exploring its twisted world was a blast.

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I kinda missed the whole FPS boat but I have played a little Doom. How exactly are Doom and Quake different? This looks totally the same to me.

If I’m not mistaken, Doom uses clever trickery to look 3D, whereas Quake is real-time 3D rendering.


Depends on which Doom he’s talking about, of course.

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Both Doom and Quake were made by ID Software, so the aesthetic is pretty similar as well.
That said, without growing up gaming throughout that period you’d be forgiven for not seeing much difference between any FPS’s from the era. Or indeed now.

I only looked into Quake because the soundtrack is by Trent Reznor / NIN.
Still the best part of the game, IMO.

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Yeah Quake, especially GLQuake, pretty much fell on(if not defined, there is probably something less well known but earlier) our side of what “architecturally modern 3d shooter” is; while Doom fell on the far side of that. Psuedo-height in the environment; most world inhabitants sprites, mouselook and circle strafing not yet a thing(though added by most of the newer engine replacements; with the effect of making parts of Doom seem way easier in retrospect; because they hadn’t been designed against an avatar with that sort of mobility).

Also some aesthetic differences: Doom was cyber-industrial-on-mars-with-increasing-evident-descent-into-hell; but Quake 1 didn’t have nearly as much zOMG-gritty-future as it’s successors(where the stroggs v. space marines thing was established); and a lot more somewhat weird medieval-ish/horror enemies(the entity codenamed ‘Quake’, that you are trying to stop, is identified as Shub-Niggurath, though Lovecraft isn’t hewed too closely to).

Also, Quake is the one that unites the NiN soundtrack and the nailgun; as justice demands.

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