Censoring Santa Barbara politician thwarted, painting restored


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I hope the discreet location isn’t another closet.


To be clearer, that censoring politician is an SB County supervisor who is from more conservative Santa Maria. Maybe seems a small thing to y’all but as someone from Santa Barbara itself I can tell you there’s a difference; less likely you’d see this kind of attempt in the city of SB.


I think the recent decision by the Supreme Court might say just the opposite when it comes to 1st amendment rights. While the government can’t prevent someone’s speech, they don’t necessarily have to support it. Local governments are free to decide which speech they want to be associated with.

Sounds more like the guy didn’t have authority to make that call and got overridden.

edit: the SC case I’m referring to is Texas vs some racist group over license plates.


Funny how community standards suddenly forbade that piece to be hung right when he saw it.


The letter pointed out that the claim that Olson’s artwork was obscene "does not fit any legal definition of obscenity,

Obviously he wasn’t doing it right.


Pretty weird thing to hang in a government building, regardless.


Agreed. Seems like this particular guy was overreaching his authority and got reigned in, but as a general principle, a local government removing a piece of art from their own building is not censorship.


Keep the painting.
Remove the politician.


yeah, is the fact that they haven’t plastered the walls with porn and swastikas censorship? I wish people would stop throwing that word around willy-nilly.


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